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Our Team


Richard Stout

Managing Partner

Richard served with the FBI as a special agent for 22 years and specialized in public corruption, fraud, financial crime, terror-related cases and highly technical vulnerability matters. He formed the South Florida Public Corruption Task Force and directed multiple complex investigations into public corruption matters. Additionally, Mr. Stout successfully managed numerous highly complex FBI and multi-agency global and national domestic investigations that focused on technological vulnerabilities impacting complex fraud and financial crimes, terrorism, and trans-national drug investigations. 

In addition to complex public corruption, fraud, terrorism and drug investigations, Richard exploited his investigative acumen in the highly complex area of technical investigations where he managed the FBI’s Technical Surveillance and Countermeasures program in Miami. He engaged and led risk management prevention and response initiatives to defend the FBI from technological attacks at FBI facilities and it’s communication networks. 

Richard has been responsible for numerous corporate and special events operations ensuring adequate security procedures were in place based on the threat level. He successfully planned and led oversight of all aspects of security risks, providing technical and counter technical security measures and personnel resources. 

Mr. Stout earned numerous awards for his work, including the FBI Director’s Award for Excellence in Investigation and his work has been featured in several documentary films and television shows, including Frontline, American Greed, CNN, and Investigation Discovery. 

He is currently the CEO and Managing Director for Stout Security Consultants, a physical and information security risk-management firm specializing in the detection of technical surveillance devices/hazards. 

Other key accomplishments: 

  • Investigated the third largest Ponzi scheme in U.S. history and successfully provided restitution for all fraud victims and creditors 

  • Investigated multiple police related shootings 

  • Supported 9/11 and post-9/11 investigations including anthrax attacks (Amerithrax) the South Florida-based 9/11 hijackers 

  • Served as an FBI Counterterrorist Representative in Trinidad and was deployed 8 times to Port-au-Prince, Haiti (2005 – 2009) to investigate, recover and return 10+ kidnapped American citizens 


A graduate of American Military University in Manassas, VA with a master's degree in security management and Global Studies, Richard also graduated from the FBI National Academy, Quantico, VA – Session 272. 

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John J. Bryfonski 

Managing Partner

John J. Bryfonski, a seasoned and dynamic law enforcement executive, brings over 45 years of professional experience to his illustrious career. With a remarkable track record, he has served in various leadership roles, showcasing versatility and expertise across different levels of law enforcement agencies.

For more than 12 years, John served as the Chief of Police in Bedford, NH, where he led a dedicated team of 41 sworn officers and 63 employees. Managing a budget exceeding $7 million, he played a crucial role as the Chief law enforcement officer for a suburban community of 24,000 residents in southern NH. His responsibilities included serving as the Co-Emergency Management Director with NIMS certification and overseeing all dispatch and public safety land mobile radio operations. During his tenure, his innovative strategies, including performance measurement and data-driven proactive approaches, led to a significant reduction in crime and harm. He was instrumental in the development and deployment of community notification and policing programs, showcasing his commitment to fostering community safety.

Transitioning to a leadership role in the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), John served as the Special Agent in Charge in the Philadelphia Field Division. In this capacity, he directed and managed enforcement and administrative operations conducted by a team of over 200 DEA, state, county, and municipal officers across seven DEA offices. His strategic focus on dismantling international and domestic criminal syndicates and drug trafficking organizations underscored his dedication to the DEA's worldwide mission. Additionally, he addressed the diversion of controlled pharmaceuticals and regulated chemicals from legitimate channels, fostering strong working relationships with law enforcement executives at various levels.

Within the DEA, John held critical roles, including Deputy Chief Inspector, Associate Deputy Chief Inspector, Senior Inspector, and Inspector in the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR). As the Senior Executive overseeing world-wide integrity and internal affairs investigations and operations, he played a pivotal role in ensuring the confidence and trust in DEA as an institution. This involved directing internal affairs/integrity-related criminal and administrative investigations on a global scale, serving as the primary liaison with the Department of Justice Inspector General, and conducting complex integrity-related and performance-related misconduct investigations.

His illustrious career also includes serving as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge in the New York Division, DEA Group Supervisor in Tucson, Arizona District Office, and DEA Special Agent in Hartford, CT – Portland, Maine. In these roles, John showcased his leadership skills by leading enforcement operations, establishing coalitions with other agencies, and achieving remarkable success in dismantling drug syndicates. John's list of accomplishments is extensive, including being a certified municipal police officer in both CT and NH, receiving awards from various U.S. Attorneys' offices, completing advanced training programs, and holding certifications as a DEA Firearms Instructor, Tactical Instructor, and Defensive Tactics Instructor. His diverse skill set also extends to being a certified pilot and flight instructor. John earned degrees in Social Systems and Policy (BA) and Public Administration (MA) from the University of Hartford.

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